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We are a fully Registered as a Film  Agent by

Kenya Film Classification Board and recommended by several Counties in Kenya for our creative works and tapping youth talents.

Today’s world is more and more visual and relies less heavily on text. If you want to promote your company in a modern and user-friendly way, it is no longer enough to use engaging images. Video messages are one of the new best ways to communicate with your target audience. At Hirsch Pro, we have experience creating videos that communicate your message and would gladly share it with you. VIDEO PRODUCTION

Creating a Message


When you make a video you have to be clear about what you want to tell people with it. Whether it should inform potential customers about a new product, give advice on how to use an existing one or promote services and their benefits in a fun way, will determine what type of setting, script and models you need. This is why, to make your video as clear as possible, you need to know exactly what message you want to communicate. At Hirsch Pro, we can help you design and shape this message.

Video Shooting


On the big day, we will bring all necessary equipment, ensure the models have suitable makeup, outfits and hairstyles and work through the shoot from start to finish. We welcome representatives of your company to give feedback and ideas during the shoot. That way we can be sure to create the video exactly the way you want and that we get all the necessary shots on the first try.


Telling a Story


Whether you are selling to businesspeople or not, you are first and foremost selling to people, and all people can relate to a good story. This is why Hirsch Pro will help you communicate your message with a suitable story that will promote your product and company while engaging your audience at the same time.


Stories can have many faces. They can be based on someone’s personal experience with your product or service or on how your company brought a client success and recognition. Choosing the right story and context will get your audience engaged and keep you at the front of their minds.


Scripting the Video


To leave nothing up to chance, we carefully script the video to match your company’s style requirements and be completely on-brand. We choose words that communicate your message clearly and resonate with your target audience, showing them that your product or service is something that is relevant to them and has their best interest in mind, something they will appreciate you for.

Designing a Storyboard Once you have decided on your story and message, we will get to work and create a storyboard for you. This is how we share our ideas for your video in a descriptive way so you will clearly understand where we are going. We will gladly incorporate any feedback and ideas you have to make the storyboard fit you and your company’s personality even better and ensure your video will be a success.
 Logistics for Video Creation Knowing what to communicate to your audience is very important, but finding the right models and a suitable backdrop for your video is just as essential. Thanks to our large network here in Kenya, the Hirsch Pro team can quickly source a variety of models and give you a selection to choose from for your video. That way you will be sure to have a person that can represent your brand well and give your audience somebody they can identify with. The same thing goes for location: at Hirsch Pro, we know great places that can be used for your video shoot. That way, we create an appropriate setting and make sure the backdrop fits in with the story you want to communicate.
Video Editing and Finalizing
Our team will select the appropriate scenes, edit them and put them together so your video communicates your message concisely and effectively. Last retouches on the lighting and background can be made before sending you the finalized product. We always welcome all feedback and will be glad to edit any aspects you point out to us. That way we can be sure to create a video that communicates your message to the target audience successfully and has the desired effect on them. If you have an idea for a video you would like to have made, get in touch with us now so we can set up a time to talk.
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